Monday, August 13, 2012

I bought what?

What was I thinking?  I didn't need any of it. I should be trying to live with less stuff in my life, but noooooooooooo. Sometimes something just grabs you and you have to have it. he he he

The goodies that were a questionable (yet cheap) purchase.

I saw these in Cost Plus the other day. No, I don't know what I was thinking besides: Oh, that's the last package! What ever will I do if they never get them again? Doh!

These straws have been on that evil, evil, site, Pick Your Plum, a couple of times, I fell prey to their charms this time. Oh yeah, I normally saw them after they were sold out. he he he

Tell me they aren't a match made in heaven......I know, right!
Guess I need to throw myself a Trek themed party now. ;-)
Have you ever bought anything you didn't know how and when you were going to use it(them)?

I don't do it too often but it usually involves polkadots and trek. lol Okay, so I buy novelty print fabrics more than I should. Who can't use MORE Ghastlies in their stash??? Dress forms? Bras?


  1. I've seen people on Pinterest use cocktail napkins and Modge Podge to make all kinds of cool stuff. Maybe a lamp shade? Sophie would LOVE it I'm sure!!!

  2. OMGoodness! Seriously? Spock napkins? they are actually kinda cute. You are so funny!

  3. Boy, do I have a one-track mind! I looked at the first "item" and wondered what it was...and then the straws...I was perplexed...I was thinking "what in the world is she going to SEW with those odd things?" Ok...then I figured out they were napkins and straws. NOT sewing stuff. Haha. Well, if you aren't going to sew with them, then have a wild and crazy party :-)

  4. @Nadine. I DID THE SAME THING. omg i need a reality check..

    Regena, you need to come up with a "givin' it all she's got" cocktail!

    1. but I don't drink so you will have to invent it cor me. lol