Sunday, August 26, 2012

The County Fair

Yesterday, the hubs and I went to the Butte County Fair.  Finally, a fair with critters. We went to the Napa County Fair a few weeks ago....nada, nothing. Not even wine making demos....really?
This was a real, live, small town fair. They even had pig races and and ice cream and funnel cake eating contest!

 A few pics......enjoy. 

Baby bunny..I got to play with all the little bunnies in the pen.

Mr. Grand Champion here just kept clucking at me

I should've videoed him...with sound. lol

this one was the prettiest

the hubs favorite area....piggies

He especially loves the ones with pink ears.

The juniors showing their calves.......mayhem...wonderful mayhem. Loved it times two!

Probably the wrong choice in footwear for the barn walks....doh!

the requisite chain saw carving.... 

and tractor displayes

And the quilting and canning.

I just might have to revisit entering some of my handiwork at the fair. I haven't done it since I was in 4-H many, many moons ago. I think I  just might have a shot with my plum jam and a costume....
eeeeeeee how fun is that!!!

Do you live near a great local fair??


  1. Looks like BIG fun! Wish there were country fairs in our neck of the woods....

  2. check out youtube for the Echt Show song - a great country fair in the North East of Scotland!!