Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sewing Goodies!

Finally, some fun mail makes it's way to the Delta!!
First off, Thanks Nadine!! She had a little contest and I won this plastic bag saver/holder and matching charm squares. There is a whole story behind this, let me tell you. 
Stolen mail, tossed in the bushes, found by the hubs......guess petty criminals don't know what to do with fabric.  Guess the hubs will check the mail next time I am away.

I am always looking for a better and faster way to make really good buttonholes. 
Peter, over at Male Pattern Boldness demo'd this little beauty and I had to have one. This thing looks barely used and it was only 9.00 bucks! Can't wait to pull out my featherweight and use it!

Ordered some charm squares. I am learning to love precuts.

They match my Crafty Chicas blocks perfectly.
Table runner time!

Picked these up and M and L (during my weekend in the LB and the OC) for the grand dot.

Finally opened this up and started using it. Lisa gave it to me awhile back.
I haven't been quilting as much, but now, I plan on wearing it out!

Storm clouds that look like 6 pack abs. LOL
I do not live in a rain soaked area, in fact, it's dang near desert.
So why oh why does it look like this today?

What's on your horizon?


  1. Really? Stolen and dumped in the bushes? Well at least they did dump it and you found it! Too funny...glad you did get it ;-)

  2. Fun stuff all around! You weren't kidding when you bought all those charm packs! Can't wait to see what you do with the little ones :) Hurry up and make something....I'm waiting........

  3. I love my Nadine package too and I laid out my star blocks in the Chicago order. Haha! Great minds and all that stuff.....

    1. Haha! Where in the world did Chicago come from!? Stinking auto correct. Its supposed to say in the same order!