Saturday, August 25, 2012

Chalet Progress

Here I am up at the property with the hubs. I want to go to the Butte County Fair, it's getting kinda late. He said her would be done by ain't lookin' good. I could've stayed home and worked on my sewing or cleaned the kitchen or the garage door. Seems we got egged, again, last night. The Dot has broken some boys heart or ticked someone off cuz this is the 4th time in about two and a half months. I am soooo done with it, let me tell ya. Oy and Vay.

A few pics of the progress. It is much bigger than I thought!

me  lol

The view from up top

I have yet to master blogging from my iPad. This is gonna look odd until I can fix it on the pc. oh well, long learning curve for this app. lol


  1. Love that picture of you!!!! Looks beautiful there!

  2. Looking good! You better start the quilt for the master bed cuz he will be finished before you know it!