Saturday, August 18, 2012

I need another pincushion like a.........................

....hole in a jar.

Wait! I do need a hole in a jar. What's that you say?  Yeppers. I wanted, nee, needed and ORT Jar. 
Old Ratty Threads or old ratted threads, I like ratty better, just saying. 

My new embroidery pincushion needed to be special since I already own far too many several pincushions that have specific uses. :-)  Please don't tell me every different color of pinhead and each style of pin do not need their own pincushion......cuz you would be soooooo be wrong.  LOL

The pincushion needed to have a place for my ORTs and I didn't want to be taking the lid off every single time I used my jar. First, what a pain, second, what if I lost the lid or had to fish it out from under the couch if I dropped it? Nosireebob, not happening. I was also tired of the same thing happening to my scissors; sliding down into the couch cushions......don't get me started.

My solution:

My ORT Jar

Side view. 
Love the Circa 1934 fabric. 
It was hard to cut into my stash because I really ♥ this fabric line.

Top view. (duh, right)

A hole so I can stuff my threads down in the jar.
Look ma, I don't have to take off the lid!!
 Wow, this pic makes me look like I have gigantor hands. lol.
The jar really is a good size. wide mouth and 12oz, about 4" tall and 3.5 inches wide.

A place for my scissors.
Sssshhhhhh, I got a new pair just for the jar. 
50% off plus another 20% off with a coupon.
Can't go wrong with ginghers!
I ♥ coupons.
I ♥ scissors that fit my fingers.
Okay, okay, I ♥ having a bunch of scissors. Jeepers already. 

Stem stitch practice.
Small lettering and stem stitch......not such a great combo. 
I am still going to finish it with the stem stitch, but live and learn, right?

To join in on the ORT Jar fun, check out this site.
She's calling it TUSAL the totally useless sew-along. You post a pic of your jar every full moon. 
That was last night/this morning. So this is my very first official ORT Jar post!!
Wooo and hoooo


  1. So creative. I have an old candy tin that belonged to my mom sitting on my sewing desk that I put my thread into, but I love this idea and I wouldn't constantly be checking the floor for my scissors!

  2. Pure Genius Gena!!! Love it!!!!

  3. This is pretty cute. Great design!

  4. so cute! I've been itching to make a pincushion I saw on a blog...this makes me want one of these too......I'm losing my mind.

  5. That jar is pretty darn creative! i love that.

  6. Just found you!

    You are a kick~ I only know one other person besides my daughter and self who say "YEPPERS"

    I too love that fabric..I am sure you had oodles more!

    I cut (ooh that word!) into my French County stash to make kitchen curtains....what a chance this was...but soo many compliments...yea worth it! and I can always cut again on my curtains LOL for a nice QUILT!

    Your Jar is a great idea!