Monday, February 18, 2013

Finish Files.....♥day Style

After 5 days of family, I finally got to put the binding on my table runner. 
I really like it and I would l o v e to have one that fits my big table....102" long!

Here it is on my poor beater of a table.
(yeppers, I should do a project out of the table)

The flip side

My Aunt Marilyn decided I HAD to have these. 
My mom thinks she's nuts. LOL
The hubs said, "Don't open them! They could be worth something someday." I think not. LOL

Made some heart shaped carrot cake cupcakes for the hubs.

I wasn't sure it would work. I used regular cupcake wrappers and kinda shaped them to the pan and then filled them with batter.....not too bad.

How the heck was your week?

Next up, I am in two blog hops and I have two baby quilts I would like to have done by May oneth.
One just needs quilting and binding, and one needs making now that I have all the fabric in my hot little hands....can you say Ghastlies? Sqqquuuueeeeeeee


  1. It's lovely on one side and "Gena" on the other side. Win win :) The Pez are fun too!

  2. Love the runner...both sides. The Pez are awesome and will be worth something someday. There is even a Pez museum in San Jose I think. And now I want a cupcake...thanks. Looking forward to seeing the baby quilts!

  3. OMG! Pez! OMG! Star Trek TNG! OMG!! STAR TREK PEZ!!
    I better not let Zakk see these . . .
    that runner is awesome, too, BTW :)