Monday, May 13, 2013

okay, okay, I got some new scissors

Ever since I started doing embroidery, I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of scissors. 
I have several I like, a couple I love, and a bunch that work fine, but I take no joy in their use.
I admit, I am still searching for scissors nervana.........

On to the new toys......................

Mother of Pearl Thread holders
How could I not?  
Ewe need some too!

My latest test candidates.....

Karen Kay Buckley brand
Sharp, lightweight, large flexible finger holes
They are pretty good. Cuts pearl, floss and other lightweight threads and fabric nicely.
I wouldn't use them for fine, precision work because the tips are a bit squared off, but the blades are quite fine and they are a good all around scissors.

Fancy brand .... Bohin of France
Teeny, tiny, adorable, sharp
Finger holes are quite roomy... especially considering their 2.25" length
Cuts pearl well, and 4 or fewer strands of floss.
Not bad, but limited because of size
Did I mention they are too cute?

Silent Stitches Brand
Good weight, pretty, sharp, large finger holes
Cuts pearl, floss and fabric
Not a super fine blade, but a really good all around pair of scissors.
If the blade was a tiny bit thinner and the tip and little finer they would be per-fec-tion

My trusty Ginghers that I used as my base for comparison.

All the little duckies in a row

Over all, they will all do the job well. It becomes a matter of personal preference.
None of them were more than $16.00us and if you keep your eyes peeled, you can find them on sale.

So far, I love my cheapy reproduction pair and an old pair of Ginghers the best. 

I've used the green ones for a few weeks now....I am just not feelin'  them even though I can't find anything negative to say about them.

The Bohin minis.......they are a little too specific, but fun. They may end up in a giveaway since all I've done is test them on some thread.

The silent stitches pair will get added to my rotation and tested. I only got them two days ago.
 I am feelin them and I like a little heft to my scissors.

I still want to try a pair of Dovo brand and the Premax that look like they have a googly eye....Alas, those are a bit pricey and I am not quite ready to plunk down more than $100.00 for two pair of small scissors. I wouldn't mind borrowing a pair to see if I love them...hint, hint

Do you have a favorite pair of scissors? I would love to hear about them.

Happy Sewing!


  1. I love the sheep thread holders. They are 'sew' cute :-)!

  2. I love my Ginghers! I have the shears, the small ones (although I wish I'd gotten the larger finger holes) and the embroidery ones. They are my favorite I think.
    And the thread holders are so cute!

  3. I have 3 embroidery scissors that I am constantly misplacing. I'd love to have more, but the ones I want are expensivo........

  4. okay ... i OBVIOUSLY have NOT been paying attention, LOL!