Saturday, May 18, 2013

It's here, It's here! the Star Trek Blog Hop is out of the World!!

Today is finally my day to hop!
Have you enjoyed all the crafts? The giveaway? I know I have!!

I made a couple of things, with a couple more in the works, cuz a Trek Geek, I am.

First off...a teeny, tiny pincushion/ornament
Made with a wool blend felt in a command color...all hand done....including the star!!
This can be yours....just check out the lead hoptress at

In the background, you can see a stellar project needed a a little something to keep my smaller equipment all in one place.
Sooooooooo I unsewed this plastic grocery bag holder (since the eco nazis are taking away all the plactic bags) and used it as my fabric. 

I ♥ linen and red and polka dots and trek

One fold

Two fold

Three fold, then tie!!

Hope you enjoyed hopping and I KNOW you enjoyed Star Trek: Into Darkness!!

check out the other specTREKular hoppers!

Katie: (me)
Regena:  ***you are here***

Photo: too much? I think not! have a specTREKular day

Yes, I did wear this today along with my totally awesome Trek shoes from our own Miss Katie


  1. This is so awesome! Such a great idea, I love the "to boldly sew" words. haha.

    Have you seen Star Trek Into Darkness yet? It's AMAZING!

  2. that is super cute! I love that you paired with polka dots!

  3. What great projects! I love all of the fabrics you combined.

  4. Love the sewing kit! You can never go wrong with polka dots :)

  5. Great projects! Love the up-cycled sewing kit. Now you don't need the one I have started for you! :o)