Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Doin', not just Thinkin' about Doin'.....

Finally got some sewing in after I did some moving around of tools.
My ironing board, cutting table and sewing machine are all in the same room!
Seems like a small thing but I was going from room to room to room when I worked. 
Great exercise, but a right, royal pain in the backside.

Wanted to do a little machine quilting practice using a sweeterwater table runner kit with Lucy's Crab Shack fabric.......

Problem one:

Go to the only drawer I put my machine quilting gloves in only to pull out four gloves.....none match....all the left hand. Where do all my right  hand gloves end up? 
Insert spooky Twilight Zone song do do do........

Did a row of flowers up the center...back side

Up top

Was trying to free hand some
Can you say shark fin? 
Guess what? I left my boo boo in...I know, right

What it should look like 

All Done. Usable practice...I like that

Binding ready for the hand sewing 

My non 90% corners turned out great....all of them! Shocked me!

Got a few more items to sandwich up and get done. As you can see, I need all the FMQ practice I can get! Wouldn't mind fitting in a new Halloween costume for myself....if I can.....crossing my fingers....OH! I have a block to do for a blog hop...better to more doin' done!


  1. Lucky you! I still can't find my sewing machine let alone fabric, scissors etc...but hopefully by Friday I'll get to unpack some more boxes... in the mean time, I'll be stichin' vicariously through you! :>)

  2. So glad you got some fun sewing time in for yourself! I hope you gets LOTS more!!!

  3. The quilting looks good. Did you do it with one glove? Doin' is good and done is even better!

  4. Your quilting looks great. Love the table runner.