Tuesday, December 10, 2013

And the Stockings were hung by the Chimney with care....

Boy, do I hope there is a big fireplace somewhere. Ginormous even!

My daughter-in-law has a stocking made by her grandma that she just loves...it's huge. She asked me to make one for my son and one for their dot that look similar. Her stocking is about 20 years old and I hunted high and low (etsy and ebay) to find a perfect match....no luck.

Last year, I bought a jellyroll of Countdown to Christmas by moda. It was going to be a jellyroll quilt, but this is better.......new traditions for a new family. Yes, I saved all the rest of the fabric for when new little family members might make a debut or if the dil wants to save her gramma's stocking.

The original

I did foundation piecing for the first time.
This is the back side

Even a little pattern matching

Some sweetwater labels

The back of the stocking

The finished products with the original

Just to give you some size context.....this is a 6' tree

things I learned:
  • couture is not what a stocking needs to be because it takes for ev er
  • you can't ever has enough steam
  • youtube makes things look way easier than they really are
  • jellyrolls really are a lot of fabric
  • organized crazy is an art form and I need tons of practice
  • cut your lining at the same time
I really like the way they turned out, but next time, I machine topstitch and not go all Dior with my finishings. lol

Any Christmas sewing going out there in blog land?


  1. Love them, now I have to make one or five.

  2. They really came together nicely! And what a lovely heirloom for Bella from her Gram Gram :)

    1. i wrote stuff on the inside too....way down toward the middle. And I use some sweetwater labels with her name and added a year for each christmas....i have enough years up to 2030

  3. Those are adorable! And I love the labels. Good job Gramma!