Monday, January 13, 2014

New Year Ponderings

As I sit up in my bed, nose plugged, sinuses pounding, sleepy as all get out yet wide awake, I wonder about year evolutions, resolutions, challenges etc..  I also need something to do that won't wake the entire household or get my adrenaline pumping so Pinterest and the WWW it is. 
Keeping the light to a minimum as to not totally send my circadian rhythm into a tizzy...I scan

There is just so many things out there that you can grab a hold of to get your new year off to a bang...
2014 things challenge
Just One Thing
Just one word
get in shape

hundreds of ideas.....millions's's overkill

I like the idea of many of them, but what can I realistically accomplish? What makes sense for who I am, how I live, distractability and just plain practicality? 

in church today, we learned about choosing one thing and really committing ourselves to working on it. 
For most of us, that one thing will be hard to pinpoint unless we are brutally honest with ourselves. It's just too easy to pick weight, health, read the bible.....all good stuff, don't get me wrong, but not soul shattering. I want to have my soul shattered. huh, what? Wow, guess I found my one thing.....I best be careful how I pray for

I am also attracted to the 2014 things challenge.
Let's be honest, there is no way I am going to actually track what leaves/enters my house on a spreadsheet....oh, I would be awesome at it.......for about a week. lol. I decided on a better, more reasonable approach that I think I can actually be committed to......I can clean just one thing a week! A drawer....a shelf....a box.....52 in all. I am quite sure I have more than 52, but boy howdy, that will sure make a dent and a half in making my life more simple and less stressful! I have already cleaned out two shelves in my just a little while's a good thing...not, 
I am not gonna make a spreadsheet or a tally or take pictures..okay, not often with the pics, but I am committing myself to the process. I think I may even count emotional baggage Oh well, thought I could get a twofer with the soul shattering

I still want to drop a few pounds and improve myself in lots of ways, but I think just letting go of stuff and being a better finisher are my evolutions this year. Lightening my loads, yep, sounds good and doable to me!

What will you commit yourself to this fine 2014?


  1. I like the idea of cleaning out one thing per week. I may try that. I'm not one to make resolutions, but the other day I heard Brant Hanson on Air1 say his challenge for 2014 was to be content. That is my focus for this new year. To find contentment in every situation and stop looking for the next "better" thing :)

  2. You're right - the www is overwhelming and can make me feel inadequate some times. Am I a good wife, mother, grandma, quilter, cook, housekeeper etc? Love the idea of cleaning out 1 thing per week. It's a start and may lead me to do more. (You've seen my sewing/craft room - I have a way to go but it's going to be gorg when I get through). Thanks for the ponderings and thoughts. This was an awesome post!