Saturday, January 4, 2014

That's right......Who's Your Mama?

My old computer died....the amber light of death appeared and it wouldn't go away. No matter what I unhooked, it just wasn't a hardware issue. * S I G H * 
Soooooooo I bought a sata to usb adapter to see if the hard drive was dead. Nope...yay!
Wait, the computer can't talk to the hard drive...boooooooooooo
It knows it's there but I can't get into it...."access denied"  I was not a happy camper, nosireebob
I changed ownership to the new luck
I changed ownership back to luck
I changed ownership to everyone.......wait!! now I can see the files.....I'm in!
Wait! I still don't have access....WTHeck!
I had to go into each file, change ownership and include all subfolders and inherited something or other and guess what.......let the file transferring begin!
I still have about a zillion files to change, but the info is there, backed up onto a portable drive and the important stuff moved.
I said I would figure it out and I did!!! Woot Woot!!!


old drive getting backed up into portable....that little blue light means it's working!!
Hal le lu jah and a half!

got the old palm desktop to recognize the is gooooood

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