Friday, November 11, 2016

I've gotta plan for 2017

Or should I say planner? Or two?

This is my current set up. It's been great for a couple of years now but it is bulky and makes my purse heavy and takes up a whole lotta room. Don't get me's a fabulous planner and very customize-able.

 Well, I've decided I needed a change so I went on the hunt for something that was less bulky but still gave me everything I wanted/needed in my portable "brain".

I saw thee cutest little planner on  They only had one size and one style. I was really unsure how a bound, unchangeable planner would work. I needed to know more so I went to the Hobonichi site and took a look around. I was intrigued and they had a weekly format, all be it in Japanese only.

Enter Hobonichi

So I bit the bullet and ordered the Weeks and a few accessories
Sooooo many patterns to choose from. Soooooo many prices too.

Close up of the motif...French Bread.

See how much more room I have.

Old planner and new planner

I couldn't wait to get started before January.
I copied my Filofax calendar and stuck it in there.
the official start Date is Nov. 28th

The back has 72 blank pages and an index page. You can use these bullet journal style or how ever you want. I've started my Christmas planning and New Year's goals already.

It also has room for a pen and some other stuff.

 So far, I am really liking the new layout....a lot

 I ended up ordering a few more things and the A6 planner in english.
I still prefer the weeks. It came with the Uni multi pen and that cute little toast plate.
My dot says she wants this one. I may use it as a prayer journal or sewing journal. 
I just don't know yet. It doesn't start until January, so I got a little time to ponder.

Side by Side

Are you a planner person or is your brain way better than mine? LOL

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