Tuesday, January 10, 2017

#1yearofstitches...week one

A big hoop makes it look like little progress, but progress it is!

Day One

Day 7

It's actually a 14" quilting hoop. I thought I needed the room for 365 days of some kind of stitching. I am pretty sure in 6 months I will wish I had a bigger hoop, but then I can start something else...many something monochromatic or themed. This is just freestyle. 

Of course my first emblem would have to do with star trek...heeellooooooo

I may take a break from Our Lady and do some bubbles and puzzle pieces. My Granddot was here and that's what we played with. Yes, I am making the grammy face.😊😊😊 (oooooo new feature...insert special characters)

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