Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Week Two


It's a bit windy and wet here. Blew the gate apart and I had to brave the storm to prop it shut. The wind is beyond howling....jet engine igniting loud. It's sending the rain down at a 45º angle.
Even the cat door keeps blowing open...and it's in the garage.

A little #1yearofstitches2017 update

Week 2 progress

Went to the mountains on Monday so I added this little gem. The river is next.

Ordered some fun buttons to go with the project. Yes, I've been sharing the buttons.

 Lunched on the river with the hubs. It's quite full and not as calm as it looks in the picture

Saw some rainbow colored bikers pray before they got back on the road. 
An awesome site to behold.

Gratuitous granddot shot

I hope to enjoy some quality stitching time while the weather it's so fearsome. Ocean themed.

Happy Stitching!

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