Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Corset /Grommet update

Corset History Slide Show

After seeing this little slide show, I decided to post the finished product. Yes, I have a pic of me in it. Noooooo, I don't think I want me in 1810 style unders all over the blogoshere. Maybe my victorian ones......they cover a whole lot more! LOL

As you can see, the grommeting is done. I chose the spiral lacing that was popular during the time.
As you can also see, the dressform is more a mini me then the real me. LOL

 Side view. Lots of gussests. After this project, I am dang near a pro at the ''slash and insert'' method. LOL

Front view. You can see the outline of the 14" rosewood busk in the front. Yes, that's why, every portrait you see from way back when, has women with really fabulous posture. LOL

You can see here what it does for my posture and the dress.
Could I breathe? yes
Could I sit? yes...very upright
Was it comfy? Not too bad, really!
Did it feel good to take it off? Oh and yeah. :-)

What did I learn?
Grommeting, gusset insertion, bias on a tight curve, that my bust gussets should've been an inch short, the corset should've been about 1.5" shorter in the back, the shoulder straps could've been shorter, but they fit fine and were probably more a leftover from the Georgian style corset as opposed to being necessary, that fit really is everything, and sewing in a group is totally fun!


  1. I love that in picture #2, even the person on your TV wants to see what you've done with the corset :) Amazing work!

  2. hahahahah It does look like she's looking. I didn't even notice.

  3. It's either that.....or she's trying to figure out why she's not wearing any panties!

  4. Thanks for sending me those links! I'm glad to have someone to ask about corsetry because I've not yet done one myself. We're quite behind on the far as I know no one has started yet! We all got swept up in Me-Made-May.

  5. No prob, Lisette. I have the pattern for the dress and I want some turkey red fabric to go with it.