Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gingerbread and Sock Monkeys *updated 11/22/10

What do these things have in common? Christmas makes me think of gingerbread men and I am into making sock monkeys. I liked the thought of that combo and did the google thang. Nothin'. No pattern, nothing to look at, just regular ol' sock monkeys and some really awesome and freakish gingerbread men  and  Goofy gingerbread men. Soooooo I found a cookie cutter that had the silhouette of a sock monkey and went from there. I haven't decided if I like them yet or not; they are growing on me. Sooooooo, my stocking swapping cohorts (you know who you are) consider this a sneak peak of the ornament part of your package!!

Speaking of swapping cohorts,  my new far-away friend, Karen, and I crafted the night away while chit-chatting via facebook. ( soon to be skype or webcams, right??) She helped me get over my fear of all things crafty, felty and gluey and I hope I was a bit of moral support for her project.
This may turn out to be a great Friday night ritual!!
What shall we call it? Fiber-optic Fridays?
Get it?
Fiber for sewing AND high-speed data transfer.
Okay, so it only cracked me up!

Spockcookie by Karen 
You Have to check this out!! It is WAY past awesome!!!!! 


  1. I love my little monkey friend and I can't wait until he comes to live with me. He'll have a place of honor in my sewing room :)I'm working on the tiny felt bananas in anticipation of his arrival :)