Sunday, November 7, 2010


I really, truly hate the internet sometimes! A LOT of people have been getting their accounts hacked lately so I have been systematically changing my passwords. WWWEEEeeelllllllllllll, I keep forgetting what I changed them to and then I have to do the whole riggamaroll of rescuing my password and making a whole new one.
What happens when you forget the answers to your security questions because you have had the account so dang long that the cute answers you gave (that you didn't think anyone would figure out) aren't so cute when you forget them????I can tell you what happens: they practically want dna through the internet that's what! I'm glad and I'm not all at the same time. LOL
I need one of those key thingies that holds all my encrypted passwords for me so I don't EVEN have to think about them. Plug it into my usb port and let the magic happen. Magic.....aahhhhhhhhh I can do that!!


  1. I am totally old school on this. I have a sheet of paper in my desk that has all my accounts in alphabetical order with log ins and passwords. I use it ALOT. Are there really people who can remember all that stuff without a cheat sheet?

  2. I have a place for all that but I kinda have my passwords disguised and I didn't write the new ones down because they were ''oh soooo easy'' LOL I guess I was wrong!! Ph well, here's hoping I don't forget this one. I had to reset it twice tonight already. LOL Jiminey Crickets!!!

  3. i have a little password program i have to use... or i'd be locked out of MY LIFE, LOL! i also use a formula, especially at websites, so if i forget i can apply the formula and usually figure it out...

  4. what methods seem to fail me of late.
    Ratty, can I give your santa ratty info to someone?? do you have room?

  5. I have the same struggle...especially the older I get...sigh...i need to rent a 14 yo just to keep me up to date on technology.