Friday, January 13, 2012

OOooooing, Ahhhhhing and Planning

     There are some days when all you can do is look and marvel at all the possibilities; fondle fabric; look through books and blogs and try and picture, in your mind's eye, your next project. I love days like that!
     Yesterday was such a day! The UPS man was my bestie for a just a little least for the time it took for him to walk to my door, ring the bell and leave me two boxes of fabric! Ohhhhhh, the fabric. Let me show you.......

A fat 1/8 pack of Reunion by Sweetwater. Ahhhhh.
I've preordered Lucy's Crab Shack already. Bad me!!

Some Riley Blake (6 charm packs and a jellyroll) for my upcoming grandmahoodness in late May, early June. I can hardly believe it....still.

 A charm pack of Circa 1934 for fondling purposes so I can use my layer cake and not feel like I will never see this fabric again. I know, I know......
Am I the only one who falls for a fabric and doesn't want to ''mess it up" by actually using it?

This Circa 1934 quilt kit. LOVE it times two!

 The whole kit and kaboodle

      Now that I see it all together again, I just want to daydream away. I recently read an article that sometimes the best part of sewing is the planning and the possibilities; the expectation more than the fruition. For some projects, that is absolutely true. It's always nice to keep one dream alive and fulfill all the rest.
    What dream do you want to keep?  So you can dream and play and plan,  ooo and ahhhhh, marvel at all it can be.......
    What dreams do you want to see in your "been there, finished that" pile?

My circa 1934 charm pack will stay in my dream pile. As for the rest........I want to oooo and ahhhh over lots and lots of little dreams come true!!

And thanks to my friend Amy, I can Schnibble my day away.....Bad Amy, but Great Amy!!


  1. I'm right there with ya, my friend! I've been dreaming of fabrics lately....probably not a good sign :) I love all your new fabrics!

  2. I read somewhere that you should always use the "good" towels, the expensive perfume and the "good" china. What good are they doing shoved in a closet or drawer. I feel the same way about fabric. Yes they are beautiful and feel wonderful but make something yummy and fun for your family to enjoy. And what better feeling than to fondle a lap quilt than a 5" charm pack! USE IT! :o)