Monday, January 23, 2012

* * * The "What's for Dinner Solution" Challenge * * *

My friend, Kathi Lipp, author, speaker and wild woman, is hosting a blogger challenge designed to help all of us who provide the evening's repast (din-din, supper, tea, grab and dash) with some tools and tips to keep a little stress out of our evening rush. This challenge is as much for me as anyone, because I am VERY guilty of not knowing what I am fixing until 4:00pm lol

To quote the infamous Barney Stinson, "challenge accepted!"

A short, publisher written, intro:
For many women, dread turns to panic around 4:00 in the afternoon. That’s when they have to answer that age-old question, “What’s for dinner?” Many resort to another supermarket rotisserie chicken or—worse yet—ordering dinner through a drive-thru intercom.
   In The “What’s for Dinner” Solution, popular author and speaker Kathi Lipp provides a full-kitchen approach for getting dinner on the table every night. After putting her 21-day plan into action, women will
  • save time—with bulk shopping and cooking
  • save money—no more last-minute phone calls to the delivery pizza place
  • save their sanity—forget the last-minute scramble every night and know what they’re having for dinner
The book includes real recipes from real women (one from me!!!), a quick guide to planning meals for a month, the best shopping strategies for saving time and money, and tips on the best ways to use a slow cooker, freezer, and pantry. With Kathi’s book in hand, there’s no more need to hit the panic button.

This book, replete with custom made bookmark, can be yours!!

How, you ask?
Follow the challenge directions each day on my blog. That's it! At the end of the week, I'll put all the comments in a jar and pick a winner. Check out Kathi's blog or facebook page for more information.

On to the challenge...
Project One:
In the comments section, post your menu for the week
If you'd like a menu guide, you can find one here and here are some dinner ideas.

My menu--
  • Monday: Multi bean chili, cornbread and a big ol' salad
  • Tuesday: LOOP meal (left overs on purpose) Use the strained, leftover chili in a burrito and use the juice as enchilada sauce for a ''wet'' burrito.
  • Wednesday: Chicken Fried Steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, two veg and some homemade biscuits.See my tutorial for biscuit making here.
  • Thursday: Leftover night. We are all over the place this day and we all eat a different times, so this is "eat it before it goes bad night" here. LOL
  • Friday: If the kids are home, chicken and rice and warm flour tortillas, if it's just me and the hubs, breakfast for dinner.
  • Saturday: BBQ Burgers, it's a tradition. The hubs can't get enough BBQ - ever!
  • Sunday: Hubs choice, usually something on the BBQ


  1. This sounds like a great book. I often make a menu ahead of time so I can shop but I rarely stick to it. By the time the day arrives I feel like eating something else. The food shop for this week was for this menu.

    Monday: Dinner out
    Tuesday: Quick dinner - Breakfast for dinner (eggs, toast, etc. or french toast)
    Wednesday: Chicken tacos and mango salsa.
    Thursday: Beef chili for the grown ups & grilled cheese for the kid.
    Friday: Chicken tortilla chip soup & mango salsa with chips.
    Weekend: Left overs and maybe a dinner out.

  2. ah.....I wish I was that organized. I write a list for the grocery store and then I forget my list at home.....:)