Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What's for Dinner, Day 3

Can you find what you need? If you are like me, you have a place for just about everything and the other people in your house never, ever seem to put things back where they find them. 
I keep trying to teach them about organization, but so

Your project for's soooooo easy!!

What are your favorite organizing tips? what it it that you do that is really workin' for ya?

Guess that means I do the project too!
  • I use large glass jars for things like pasta, tea bags and the like. They are old Vlasic pickle they are affordable free too!! Up-cycling is green!!
  • I have two silverware sorty for the pretty, matchy stuff and one for the "yes, you can put it in your lunch pail or dig in the dirt with it" stuff.
  • My kitchen has almost no storage, so all my baking supplies are kept together in the dining room buffet.
  • My big freezer has dedicated shelving: meat on one, sweet on one, etc..
  • My cookbooks stay together...always (can you say anal? Sure, I knew you could. Don't EVEN mix the big forks with the little forks either.....I have no words, really!)

Remember, every project (comment in this case) gets you one step closer to this awesome prize!!


  1. Okay, so I could use help in this area. I have tons of kitchen stuff and like you have very little storage. My spices and baking ingredients need to be organized, though I have no idea of how to do that. I love your idea of jars for tea bags and such. I think I could utilize this organizational strategy. Of course, now I just need time to organize all of it!
    P.S. I agree, I separate the big forks and spoons from the little ones.

  2. Oh gawd...I SUCK at organization! I guess the best I do is that hubby made these wooden bins years ago for his tools, and I discovered they were the PERFECT size for cupboards and "conscripted" four of them for my spices. I can fit 15-16 jars in each one and slide them out of the cupboard to search for what I need. I confess, they are NOT alphabetized, however. But, I DO separate my big/little forks/spoons! Although there are a few strays mixed in with the matchy-matchy ones...