Friday, May 18, 2012

First Muslin: Claire Cami Dress

WWweeeelllllllllll, I knew I needed to do a full bust adjustment (FBA), but I need to make it really full. LOL  For all you sewistas that are experienced with this kinda thing.....feel free to leave me TONS of advice. This is my very first attempt at regrading and cutting and slashing to bring a pattern up to the right size. This one says 44" bust, but I am only at 46" and this feels more than two inches too tight. LOL

 First, the dress pattern. Sew Serendipity's Claire Cami Dress

Now, the muslin:

As you can see, this sucker rides up pretty high and is pretty tight
FBA plus some width is definitely needed. 
Sooooo not loving the sweetheart neckline.That's gotta go bye-bye, just sayin.......

Yep, from this angle it looks like I need to add 3-4 inches to get the front to hang properly.
More added to the front than the back.

Arm holes have gaping which may settle once the top fits properly, but they may need to be re-cut because they actually fit pretty good and I don't want them to get all ginormous after alteration group number one.

 The back isn't too bad. Because the front is VERY undersized, it pulls the back forward. The upper back fits really well, the lower back could use another inch of ease since this will be a pull over. 
At least that is the direction I'm leaning toward.
I like where the waist band is located on my back, I don't want to lower it if I can avoid it.
This means I may have to dart in more than one place in the front. 
One at the side bust and one at the side waist that it can be eaten up in the seam allowance so I can keep the side seams the same length.
Making the waist a little wider is a piece of cake for this kind of dress. LOL Although, there is enough built in ease, that I may not have to add much, if any to the skirt part.

Like I said at the beginning, any and all input is more than welcomed cuz I am one apprehensive little sewista!

Off to read through my fitting books and blog land.  Wish me luck!!

 The adjustments that need to be made. I need and fba and a total of 4" added in the width.
Getting rid of sweetheart neckline, it's just too dang high to work as a sweetheart.
Now, who's coming to my house to help me do this?? I'll cook!! Seriously! ;-)


  1. Awesome! Love all the pics too :) So glad you're doing this before I do, so I can glean from your knowledge :) Now hurry up and finish it already........

    1. But you've made a lot more clothes than I have. this is all uncharted waters for me! Can your mom come to my house? Pretty please with coconut crystals on top!

  2. I would love to see if you've actually made this, I'm in process of adjusting the pattern for myself & I also lowered & widened the neckline -though I love the sweetheart.