Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Soap Box: Cloth Grocery Bags


This post wasn't going to be a rant. It was going to be a rave...a b-day wish for a friend for whom I made a loverly set of orange gingham grocery bags. I kinda want to keep them....but I did put them in the mail and she should have them on her birthday. :-)


 Okay, let me climb up and get on the ol' soap box. I don't move as fast as I used to.....this might take a sec....

    First off, I am pro cloth grocery bag. I got hooked on them 20 years ago before they were the "in" thing, before they were easy to find and before plastic grocery bags.  And before townships started the legislative nightmare of forcing people to capitulate to an ideal that they may or may not hold dear. just makes my blood boil!  
    Stores and people are being shamed and forced into doing things that are not illegal, not immoral and quite frankly, not the the gov's business. 
    It's not just bag bans popping up all over the place, it's no smoking (fyi, I think smoking is gross but it isn't illegal or immoral); no transfats, no hot coffee, no happy meal toy (SF) unless said meal capitulates to someone else's ideal; having a kid's turkey on whole wheat confiscated and then making them eat the school's chicken nuggets (better? I think not!) The list goes on and on and our rights and choices are being taken away from us with hardly a whimper. Without there being a law enacted even!
    We, naively, believe most of these things are in our best interest, but it's really about who gets the money, who gets the ''air time" and who gets the power. Greed and pride. Sure, someone cared at one time, but then someone else found a way to control people AND make a profit and now it's law, or worse a forced decision that isn't law but you "have" to do it anyway or else.
    Wake up people!!! It's time to let your local, state and federal governments know that you are WAY past their police state activities! You have rights.......and one of them is the freedom to choose.   
    How people spend their time and money will dictate which things come and's the nature of things. The government is overreaching their legal authority and spending countless tax dollars....OUR tax dollars...and time on things they have no bearing on the role of government!
Let's stop the madness!

People should be able to decide if you smoke in their place of business or not!
People should decide what their kid eats for lunch!
Helmets, seat-belts, trans-fats, insurance, marriage......
And doggone it, people should still be able to answer the simple question: paper or plastic?

Don't even get me started on the lack of simple manners and ghetto behavior and the way we dress our young (and getting younger) girls like porn stars and hookers (and not the high paid kind). And the baggy pants thing (prison culture) oy and vay!

Slowly climbing off my soap box...........


  1. Amen, sister! 1984 is really here, UNFORTUNATELY! Goverment needs to get it's nose out of MY business.

  2. um.....but how do you really feel?.......

    and I TOTALLY love the bags! (especially the labels :o))

  3. clearly haven't given this much thought :) I too love the bags! Amy's gonna love them too! No go and have a brownie and calm down!

    1. You did not just tell me to calm down! Oh noooo you didn't!

  4. Oh, my! I'm with you on these things. Choice is lost one thing at a time.

  5. You are so right! I'm totally with you! What happened to making our own choices? They (governments) are so busy imposing ridiculous rules on those that follow rules instead of enforcing the law against those who break it. Governments need to get their priorities straightened out. Okay... sorry I had to join you for a minute there. Love the bags! :)

  6. Seriously! I can't believe the government is trying to decide who can marry who (like they can legislate falling in love and whether or not two people want to be in a committed relationship - CRAZY) and don't even get me started on contraception! As though it is the government's right to tell me whether or not I need to have any more babies? What is this? China! And yay! Yes, let's legalize smoking EVERYWHERE! I was just driving through Kentucky where you can still smoke in line at McDonalds! It was awesome, getting out of our car on a long road trip to order some Happy Meals (WITH TOYS) while people were flickin' ashes standing in line. That place was FULL of smoke and our food was so yummy because guess what, it tasted like ash tray as well. And finally, if only the government would get out of my RIGHT to smoke a bowl of mary j now and again. Seriously. It is MY home. If I want to smoke some pot, damned it, NONE OF THE GOVERNMENT'S BUSINESS. Whew, thanks for the soapbox sistah-hood!! Cute bags too by the way. You need to make an Ikea size because you know, that darned Ikea, they SAY it is about the environment but we all know the truth, they are just being cheap asses!