Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I Jumped on the Fad Bandwagon........ME!

I don't know what I was thinking.....I have:
  • 8 gazillion patterns (only a slight exaggeration, I assure you)
  • an ability to alter said patterns (altho I haven't done much and I am kind've a scardy cat to waste fabric for practice) 
  • people who do this kinda thing for a living who are more than happy to help
  • people who know how to do this kinda of thing and are happy to help
  •  youtube and a myriad of other sources to choose from 
  • blogs, blogs and more blogs
 So why oh why did I buy another pattern? At full price, mind you. I looked through my cache of patterns.......nothing like it. I was surprised......a simple pattern like that and I have NOTHING even close!  Shocked, I was, shocked. Right about now you're asking yourself, "Self, what is all the fuss about? What pattern is she talking about? That girl be crazy."

Well, here it is......The pattern all of blog-land is all a twitter about.......The Darlings Ranges Dress.

I've seen it on skinny chicks and big chicks and it looks great on both!
I especially love the sleeveless versions.

You can read about the sew along here and look at some finished dresses too! I ♥ this dress. I have always liked a good jumper....always! Of course, this will have to be graded up to fit a booblicious, curvy woman, such as myself.....and that task is daunting, but I gotta start somewhere. 
Once I master the art of fitting myself, my sewing world will never be the same! Project runway, forgettaboutit.....project me looking fab....yeah buddy!


 I have this pattern. It's the closest thing to the Darling Ranges pattern in all of my stash. I've been wanting to make it, but a side zip, really? I was just going to carry the buttons allllll the way down. Again, avoiding alterations and having fun with other sewing.

I have this pattern out and ready to work on. It, too, needs some grading. Probably need to add some darts and do a FBA too.. So many really cute patterns end their sizes at 16 (pattern 16, not real world 16) and a B cup. Well, a real world 16 would be great, but that B cup......that is sooooo not workin for me. LOL 


Do you find that when you get the ''women's'' sizes, they think you have the shoulders of a linebacker WITH his shoulder pads on, perky boobs with darts that end really close to your chin, and armholes that go to your bellybutton? Patterns or store bought, do they use real, full sized gals for a fitting? Sure doesn't seem like it. One of the many reasons I sew. :-)

Well, I have to wait for my DR pattern to come in before I can play around with it.

I have plenty on my table right now:
  • A baby quilt that needs quilting and binding
  • the claire cami dress (see above)
  • a baby quilt to make for my soon to be granddaughter (this month probably)
  • graduation stuff for the dot
  • wedded bliss for the man/child in 2 months and then his college grad in Dec.
  • Crafty Chicas Weekend in Long Beach at the end of July
  • mother's day, wow this weekend already
  • lunch, I'm starving :-)

What's on your table?


  1. Very cute dress pattern! I love it WITH the sleeves of course :) Looking forward to seeing what you do with it!

  2. I really like the last dress pattern and may have to get one. I can't wait to see it all finished and hear how it was to sew.

    1. it will be easy peasy to sew after I square off the neckline and do the fba. lol

  3. i like that simplicity pattern a lot! totally cute! I can't wait to see you dress!