Monday, June 4, 2012

Bad blogger....bbbaaaaddddd blogger

It wasn't really planned, but it happened. I haven't been posting or even reading much. Heck, I even had two really great books checked out from the library and didn't even get to them and they are due TOMORROW already......what happened during the last 20 days? Oh yeah.....I became a grandma the dot is graduating HS, man/child set wedding date for next month, bible study, get-togethers, shopping for a new a/c unit (which is what I should be doing right now instead of this) The busies got the best of me and my blog time. 

And it doesn't look like it's gonna let up. Graduation stuff all this week; big b-day for a friend, bible study, VBS planning, summer classes at the JC, teaching the Dot to drive (pray for me...big time). wedding party, two extra peeps moving in,! All this on the next 7 weeks. And I still have to fit my regular stuff in too. And a biggy at the end of July...the Crafty Chicas Weekend!

My blog may get a little neglected, but I do have some fun stuff to sew and share. Think of it as a little break in your summer reading. :-)


  1. WOW! Who are the extra two people moving in? Is DOT moving out? College? Small wedding, or large? But I guess that's the MOB's and DIL's just have to get the family prettified and showing up on time, right?

  2. You'll manage it all in style :) Can't wait to see you in July!!!