Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Show: Craft Wars...*update*

Craft Wars

This is not your grandmother's world of crafting. In this new TLC series, "craft-virtuosos" compete in a "knockdown, drag-out fight for supremacy" and are judged by Stephen Brown, Erica Domesek and Jo Pearson for a cash prize. For the series premiere, the contestants must create a playhouse using school supplies. As host Tori Spelling says, "Fire up your glue guns." 10 p.m. Tuesday on TLC
Doug Knoop, Seattle Times staff

I have my dvr set. I will have my eyes peeled. 
How many blog stars will we recognize? I hope tons!
How many will you actually know in real life? I hope a couple!
I can't wait........

Okay, it was their first show. They haven't found their groove yet and Tori Spelling is a little boring and her really red lips are, well, really red. The judges could be fun and snarky if we could hear them banter. Not enough judge time for me. The craft ideas were kinda fun. Looks like we are going see see the more intense crafters instead of the mellow crafter. I will give it a chance to find its groove...but I do think it needs a bit of tweaking. I give it a glued thumbs up....but only one thumb. I will watch the whole season to see how the show.....seasons. :-)


  1. I watched a very small portion this morning during my breakfast so I can't comment on anything just yet except, yes Tori's red, shiny, fake looking lips. bleh....anxious to see the whole show!

  2. Agreed! I enjoyed watching the creative process evolve.

  3. Dont have TLC anymore. I'll have to see if they have full episodes online.......?