Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Easiest Flat-Felled Seam....Ev-er!

Seriously. Awesome.

I was having a late breakfast and doing a little channel surfing when I came across a sewing show. I saw Gertie's face for just a sec, so I stayed put. The show is on PBS stations and it's called:
It's Sew Easy.  Yes, my dvr is now set. How did I not know about this show?  

Anyway, this lady was showing some industry techniques for sewing without pins. 
Anyone who knows me, knows I am an over pinner extraordinaire! I have issues, okay. 
One of them is a pincushion addiction, so that requires lots of pins. :-)

Okay, now the how-to part for the easiest flat-felled seam ev-er.  I used a curved seam just to see if it worked as well as on a straight seam cuz sometimes us chicks have curvy seams that match our curvy I right?  Here goes......

Place your fabrics wrong sides together with the lower fabric sticking out about 3/8"

Fold over and stitch really close to the raw edge 
With a curve, be really mindful that you keep an even amount showing

All done with part one

Now, open the seam

Fold over so the raw edge is covered

Sew along the edge. Again, be mindful of the under parts

The finished seam

I know, I know!!! 
I was so excited I just had to share.
Now, go and flat-fell pinning, no ironing, just sewing........


  1. that is so cool! do you have to allow for extra for seam allowance?

    1. I don't think so as long as you are using 5/8", things should match up just fine.

  2. I am always mindful of my underparts.......

  3. Never seen that before--pretty darn awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you for sharing :-)! I will definitely set my DVR for the show. Now I need to figure out when to use this type of seam :-).

    Also, you are not alone...I am a total over pinner. I have pins on my shopping list because I need more :-)!

  5. Thank You! I just sewed my first project with flat felled seams. The results were uneven to be sure the curved seams not so much. Excited to try again with this technique.