Monday, July 23, 2012

Burlap Chic Reception

My son got married last week. I know, I can hardly believe my kids are growing up, getting married and having kids of their own. Well, one has done all three. LOL

We had the reception here and here's a bit of the decor. I did most of it myself. I did not make the plates or the tin flowers. LOL Loved the rustic feel, but soooo didn't want to go all cowboy, ya know.

The patio...tin flowers, twinkle lights

The bride and groom's table
I made the cake(s) and table runner

Two of the tables...
I made burlap table runners, canning jar candles and vases
and folded the napkins all pretty like. My brother was a big help with set up.
The hubs, outstanding, as usual.

A little closer look 
Oh yeah, bubble favors

I used rock salt to hold the candle and keep wax from mucking up the glass....worked pretty dang good and the jars cleaned up nicely. I know, I was surprised myself!

Some red ticking on the picnic table.

Couple of things I learned:
  • burlap is hard to cut and sew straight
  • rock salt may sparkle, but it melts, use a lot. 
  • people didn't really eat the cherries
  • use paper plates next time I throw a party....I had to do a lot of hand washing.....let me tell mom and I will have dishpan hands for days...DAYS 
  • I have the best family...ever. Set up and clean up without me even asking.
  • I have no room to store all the things I made and or bought. lol
  • a friend of mine will benefit from my over use of burlap. ;-)
  • I don't throw a bad party....who knew? ;-)
  • the hubs was right, one brisket was enough (ssshhhh don't tell him I said that)
  • there is never enough time to prep. hahahahaha
Great turn out and I think a good time was had by all. AAANNDDDDD, everyone RSVP'd.....I have never had that happen before....awesome!!


  1. It all looked amazing! Great job :) Wish I could have been there! Just to see you dance to "Gangsta's Paradise" would have been worth the drive!

  2. Beautiful and you did an amazing job! I wish we hadn't been out of town. I would have enjoyed being part of the special day! Congrats Stew and Brandi!

  3. It all looks awesome! Great job! :)