Thursday, July 12, 2012

oops and what the French toast?

dear blog friends,
It seems that I have hit the proverbial brick wall with my photo storage....the "free" limit, anyway. When was blogger gonna tell me I had a limit? When was blogger gonna tell me my unlimited was limited to pics of 800px or less to qualify for unlimited storage on Picasa?

Right now I am looking into trying to adjust my Picasa, but that has turned into a big ol' boon doggle of uploading the newest Picasa and then having it not let me upload anything else and then I removed a few pics(sorry if some of my posts get all nekkid because I deleted a few)

any long time bloggers out! I don't want to move and I do want to keep posting.


for now I have migrated my pictures to a new account, but that is short term. Now to figure out the 800px thing without having to download picasa 3.whatever so I don't have to fiddle with this again. lol
Or I could just cough up the 2.49 a month........ponder, ponder


  1. They get you at the drive through.......

  2. I used Picasa for a short time to put pics on my blog. When I found that I had reached some limit, I tried to remove a few of the pics to get the numbers down. Yeah, that was a dumb move. I took off some that were in blog posts. It took me a long time to get them all back up from my own files. I miss the feature that let you easily write on the photos. It made some tutorial points clearer. Aside from that, I'm okay with using the software on my computer.

    Glad to see you are coming through this little trauma!

  3. I just directly download the pics from my computer. Good luck!