Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I Know How to French

French Knot, that is!
I made 53 french knots..I counted!

I was having a bout of insomnia, hormones, gotta love 'em, so instead of tossing and turning and fussin, I got up, went into the livingroom and turned on the tv. I know, I know, what kind of person doesn't have a tv in her bedroom? LOL

Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull was on. Since it was on for the umpteenth time and I had seen it more than once, I thought I should practice my embroidery skills since there is an embroidered quilt that is on my 2012 to do list. I have the Sublime Stitching book and it has a skull or two in it......it went with the movie, what can I say?

French knots: 3 strands, wrapped twice
Back-stitch: 6 strands
Running stitch: 3 strands

This is what it looked like by 1:40 in the blessed A. M.

I worked on the yellow and the bright green last night while I watched tv. 
It's nice to have a little something to do while you stare at the ol' boob tube.

Yellow: 6 strands
Light green stem stitch: 3 strands

There is no rhyme or reason to the color selection. It's just what I have on hand. I did try to make it not look totally spastic though. LOL 

Now, what color should I pick next?

It is safe to say that I don't totally suck at french knots anymore!! woo and hoo!


  1. It looks great! needs some coral and/or orange and maybe a "splash" of hot pink!

  2. Have coral and orange, no hot pink, what about turquoise?

  3. Looks great! I'm lovin the color choices so far :)

  4. Looking good! Love the frenchies! ;)