Saturday, November 17, 2012

Almost done!

Well, I am in the home stretch.......the baby quilt is almost done!
I am determined to have it done before Thanksgiving!!!!

As you can see, the binding is all turned and waiting for a bit of handwork.

I am trying clover binding clips. So far, I think I like them.
When I start stitching and I don't get poked by a million pins, I bet I come to l o v e  them! LOL

 When I'm done, I get to start a quilt for my little princess!!
Next week, she'll be 6 months old
Where did the time go?


  1. That's gonna be so cute :-) Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Clover binding clips! I bought a package of 10 on a whim - I'm a suckah for all the new gadgets - and it was love at first clip! And yes...the fact that I no longer get stuck by all those pins is a huge bonus. I'm sure you won't go back to pins either :-)

  2. Oh, and I failed to mention...that pack of 10 has now grown to about 210...if a few are good....well, more is better, as they say.....

  3. Quilt is looking great! And Miss Bella is so cute!