Friday, November 2, 2012

How to play with your Title on blogger

See how the Post title is on the left? Well, sometimes I want my title to be centered.
Sometimes I want two lines of text instead of one lone sentence like this:

The Totally Useless Sew ALong

 See how the main part is bold and the other not? I know, right!

How can this be done? With a little bit of HTML code. I don't think I would want to do a whole post like this, because the amount of typingggggggg.......have mercy!

This is blogger specific, but it might work on other blog platforms...give it a go, the worst thing that can happen is your preview doesn't look good and then you can trash it. 

To make your title letters bold, you type like this. I hope the code doesn't go away LOL
your test here
Oops, looks like blogger automatically converts it. lol

While writing a post, click the html tab, it will show you all kinds of code you can insert into your title.
Hmmmmmmm how can I show you the code without blogger converting it????

  Hope this helps. LOL
Some of the code works in the comments box too!!
Happy coding!


  1. Wow! how in the world did you figure that out? I just wanna add pics to my main blog title or my watermark to my pics!

  2. Too much work for me. I'm basically lazy :) Shocker I know.