Friday, January 25, 2013

LRs National Hobby Month BLOG HOP

It's national Hobby Month and our very own Ms. Leslie Rahye has us hoppin!

I have several hobbies...the hubs would say too many. LOL

Here are a few highlights of how I like to invest my creative energies:

My dressform holds bits and pieces of my many thread heavy hobbies



Period correct costuming

Especially period underwear
This is a regency corset and chemise

Back view

Victorian Era Underwear
Love the "mary had a little lamb" undies, no? LOL hoops, some as tools and some as frames

My latest finished embroidery

Where all the "magic" happens.

Seems collecting fabric is a hobby. lol

And Star Trek is a serious hobby......serious. Obsession really. 
I should point out the my friend Karen invents the best Trek critters...ever!

And my apron hobby. Making them, wearing them, keeping them, giving them. 
L  O  V  E
Follow this link to my 27 Aprons post...all modeled my me and my mini me!
I'm even in one of my costumes. lol

Please check out the other hoppers to see how they create!
Happy Hopping!


  1. Why must you always show your underwear? Sheesh woman! ha :) You are truly a gifted crafter!

  2. you know me and ,y undie obsession. lol

  3. LOVE it! Karen if my underwear was that beautiful I'd wear it on the outside! :) I love you stitchiness ma'am! Thank you for being a part of my Hobby's Blog Hop!!!

  4. You will try anything crafty and you're usually good at it too!

  5. well as we say.. having too many hobbies... keeps us outta bars at night! lolol!

  6. You have a lot of fun hobbies, Regina. TFS the undies, too. Glad we don't dress like that anymore, especially the corset. UGH!

    1. a well fitted corset is surprisingly comfortable. it's the tight-lacing that gets ya.

  7. Amazing pieces of clothing and creations ! X Fab

  8. I have so much respect for anyone who can make lovely things out of cloth. Your work is just lovely. I do particularly love the historically accurate undergarments.