Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Trekkin After the Holidays

My friend Karen rocks! Rocks, I tell ya!
She creates the bestest Star Trek Stuff.....ev-er!

Seriously, I could have a whole tree of these!!!!

See how little he is!!!

And I casually mention how cute her new pincushions are and one shows up too!!

 The packaging is soooo gosh danged fun!!

And some cute addy labels (I didn't show my addy)

Danke, thanks, muchas gracias, domo arigato, etc.!!


  1. So glad you like him :) There may be some of his friends joining him on the tree in the future....just sayin :)

  2. Mirror Universe Spock!! He is amazing. :)

  3. Love him and Karens donut has me craving them! Ha!

  4. that spock is just amazing! between him and spockatopus I continue to be amazed at Karen's talent and creativity.