Saturday, January 5, 2013

Nuu Mee

Or should I say: a Nuu Muu for a new me?

Every year I say I want to drop some tonnage. Last year, I finally did!! Boo and yah!

Wellllll, one of my evolutions is to get a pair of yoga pants, or at least try a pair on and see if they are the "all that" I've been told. The Dot says they will make me look like I have a butt....a magical feat to be sure, but I digress.

Last week, I decided that I needed a workout outfit so I can be cute while I try to get fit. I got an email about getting fit for the new year and some of the really  neat items that "you never heard of" that are out there. It was too dang much money, even on sale, but I HAD to do it......H A D, I tell ya.  
A few reasons:
  • Cuteness. 
  • It will hide panty lines in tight yoga pants, cover that pancake I call a behind and not ride up to my boobs during stretches.
  • Red. 'Nuff said
  • Ruby......cuz I am a woman of worth

They she is....a ruby nuu muu
She will be tight as a drum head to begin with since they, currently, only make clothes for people who are already fit. What is up with that anyway? Exercise wear, cute stuff anyway, seems to be made for the slimmies, but it's us fluffies that need to work out more. lol A conundrum, to be sure. 

My goal: to have my Nuu Muu fit me loosely by the end of the year. I figure that means somewhere between 10 and 20 pounds have got to go bye-bye. I lost 18 last year, I think this is a very attainable goal.

Gee, I hope I like it when it gets here. Ha!

What will you do Nuu this year?


  1. Totally cute! I say wear it without yoga pants by the end of the year. Maybe some cute sandals and bare legs! You go girl!!!!

    1. I think not. lol maybe some flesh colored leggings...nnnaaawwww

  2. If I'm gonna wear a nuu muu you'll have to make me one! Ha!