Saturday, January 22, 2011

Embroidery: from the freakishly good to just plain freakish!

I had to take a drive into Berkeley today to Lacis....Textile and Lace Museum. The retail store has needle work supplies to die for!! I was there for corset supplies. Well, their new show opened!! The Japanese stuff actually looked real!  Below, a little of what I saw.................jaw dropping, really.

 Japanese. The feathers look real!!

see how real, even up close and personal!!!

Chinese sampler. Probably used as a marketing tool for someone's work.

this is ALL embroidered!! No plain fabric anywhere!

 The two pictures above are 17th century and it is red velvet with gold wire embroidered on. 
A lot tarnished, but wow!!

Kimono top

even the pleats have embroidery!! The pleats!!!!!

The next three shots are of this picture that looks like pen and ain't!!
Can you guess what it is embroidered with??? Victorian era.

If you haven't figured it out........human hair!!! I know, right, OOOOoooo and ick all at the same time!

The next exhibit will be :underwear through the ages......can't wait!!!!



  1. These people have too much time on their hands.....and too much hair aparently :) Pretty cool stuff!