Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A mini update on the corset

Well, this is the fashion fabric all sewn. I still need to trim the inside and give it a quick press. 
It's much prettier in person, really. Very sparkly!!

This is the inside of the support layer. I was going to have the channels face the fashion fabric, but it just had too many lumps and bumps to make me happy.

So I decided to make a lining. This fabric is sooooooooo soft! So soft it makes a baby's behind seem unsmooth. I have a chemise out of this fabric....sheer 100% cotton voile; yummy stuff.

And then, later tonight after all the layers are attached: grommeting!! Look out male parts! ;-)

I should have part three of the tutorial up this weekend because I should be done with the corset Friday!!
Yippee and skippee!!



  1. That's some pretty fabric. And so very nice of you to make a soft "home" for the girls :)