Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mooooooooove over sock monkey

The white cow, she is done! She's so ugly/pretty. I wish I could've found  white socks as sturdy as the red- heeled monkey socks, but alas, thin knee-highs from the girls department had to do.

Here she is, still in pieces.

Look at that half a face.....happy little cow!!

Her she is, alllllllllll done!

 Tonight is her first dress rehearsal at the Hapgood, and tomorrow night, her first show!!

Her name is Milky White and she has a short, non-mooing part in Side by Side by Sondheim.

Here's wishing her all the best!
Break a leg, Milky!!!

* * * 


  1. omg I love her..she turned out so adorable

  2. She is tremenously awesome! I couldn't wrap my head around a sock cow....but she is amazing!!!

  3. He teats aren't too big are they? :-)

  4. "He teats?"

    As far as size go....I'd say it's a matter of personal preference :)

  5. TOTALLY excellent!! i have cow spotted sox!!! 'cause chino IS cow town, LOL! oh, wait... poo. i'm thinkin' my cow sox are waaaay to short :(

  6. BTW, "he teats" are DEFINITELY not big enough :)

  7. lol Ratty!!! Maybe I need to create a sock rat??

  8. Just wanted you to know I'm featuring you today on the SewHappyGeek blog!