Friday, May 6, 2011

Blogger Buddy with the Blues

  I've got a couple of really good blogger buddies. Two that live far and one that lives close. One of my far away buds had the blues this past week.

The heat was messing with her fibro, two new grand babies on the way, a shower to plan, grand-boys to watch, sewing to do..b-u-s-y, that one. 

Well, the blues can strike you even in the midst of good stuff. Ain't that a pain in the you -know-what?

Since were we all in a spring fling apron swap already, we decided to send her a whole 'nother' swap package!! Sneaky little thangs, ain't we!! 

 Amy went nuts with the goodies!! Mr. T for T, You can see all the K goodies!

Some fabric scraps that are perfect for the new grand girls and some buttons for the boys 
( in this case, a very big boy named 'the hubs)

 Denise made these sachets filled with Lily of the Valley for L and a kleenex holder (which I want)

I made the apron. She commented on how much she loved this fabric and the apron I made for my swap partner and I had jjuussstttt enough to get the job done!

Her's is special because of some poorly embroidered letters. LOL
It ain't Christmas, but you can always shout out ho ho!
Private joke. Pretty funny. 

She really liked it and I think we may have just lifted her spirits!
I know getting to finally post something about our antics makes me feel better!! 
Upon threat, I was urged to keep my big, blog shut. LOL
Joy suckers!!! 
Patience is NOT my middle name!!!


Feel better my blog buddy!!



  1. great post my friend! it's a blast knowing you and Karen and Amy!

  2. You guys are THE BEST...nuf said :)

  3. Do ya feel better? Well, do ya? Punk!

  4. ladies definately "made my day" :)

  5. What a blessing you are Regena. It is wonderful bloggers like you that simply amaze me!

  6. This was super sweet of you guys and I can't think of a better person to send some kindness to!! Karen is always so sweet to others.