Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Long time.... no blog

Wow, I didn't realize I hadn't posted in 5 whole days! What was I thinking? What was I doing?
What is wrong with me! LOL   The answer is, to all of the questions, nothing much. LOL

I hemmed some skirts while watching a Star Trek movie marathon!!

 I couldn't trim off the fabric because they are theatre stock and they had trains......TRAINS!!! Blind hem, no less!! My little fingers are a tad sore after 200 plus inches of hemming. :-) but, as they say, the show must go on!

Cooked enough food to feed and army (6 teens is an army, right?), shopped, cleaned, planned projects, wondered why it isn't over 70ºf  this close to June and tried to get my cats to look at the camera while they were being bad (on the table) but cute:

That's all I got after 30 pics and 10 minutes of calling them. Brat cats, I tell ya!

I have several projects in the works, two of which I can't blog about or someone might smack me and a couple I can!!!

Today I am making a couple of "little girl" dresses. Simple pattern with fabrics that are adorable, well, to me anyway:

I am ''fer sure' doing the denim and bandana combo and I am leaning toward the purple check with a white underskirt with a bit of purple tulle to make it all fluffy. Whaddya think?

This is for me......... ME!!!!  


I am thinking jammies. Capri style pants with a sleeveless shirt ala the new Nick and Nora ones I saw at that fancy schmancy french store: Target.

This fabric is for a giftee.....well it was, now I am rethinking the whole project cuz I saw something totally awesome the other day and I just might do that instead. Yeppers, it looks more awesomer than what I had planned, but then, what do I do with this fabric? Hmmmmmmmmmmm

Hopefully, I will have some finished projects to share and maybe a tutorial. I really have a lot of fun with those.
Maybe an apron, start to finish??
Maybe the little girl dresses?
The jam jams?
Milky White the sock cow?

Tune in for more adventures......same distracted domestic, same distracted blog.....



  1. Loving all your new projects and can't wait to see the jammies! That fabric is so cute and so you. As for the cats - well Lilly probably just let you take her picture so you'd get out of her face with the camera and Bobo is just too stinkin' cute and lovey!

  2. Those jammies would be perfection with that fabric and I can't wait to see the little dresses!!! Hurry up and sew!

  3. love those PJs - that fabric will be perfect! I can't believe how many projects you have going on! you go girl!