Saturday, May 21, 2011

Friday Night Sew In...the finished files

Last night was my second FNSI. Last time I won a prize!!!

See the total funness!!

Now, I had high hopes for getting a lot done, I got two out of three, so that ain't bad!

First, I did a super minor alteration on a pair of pants I bought a year ago on clearance. They looked fab at waist level, but being a ''big chick'' size, the legs were cut way too curvy for my lack of hip and bootie.
This is now in the *done* pile!! and I can totally rock it in my low rise chinos!! Can you say Stylin'?

Second: I made an apron. It actually turned out pretty. It wasn't supposed to. It was supposed to be hideous and funny and spread joy throughout the crafting kingdom. Well, my little kingdom, anyway.

I am playing with making a TNT, tried and true, pattern; a ''go to'' pattern, if you will. I am getting closer. Soooooo I used one yard of fabric, unbelievably ugly fabric and made it almost work. The pattern was directional and had borders at both ends. If the fabric was just an all over pattern, I could've made it work....this needs another practice run.
I wonder who will get that practice apron??

Well, I think I am going to call this apron: Grandma, where do babies come from?
Private joke.
Pretty funny.
Had to be there.
The person getting stuck with this practice apron will certainly know who she is!!

Without further ado........May I present, for the finished files, Grandma, where do babies come from?

I know, right! It's actually cute....where did I go wrong???
Will she love it?? 
I just might find out in the comments section!! ;-)

Next up, a birthday gift for a great bloggy buddy. 
I'm doing something totally beyond me, but what the heck, she is one of the bravest people I know 
when it comes to sewing and mixing patterns!!
Hope I get it done on time!!


  1. Shoot Howdy! That's a hoo haw inspired apron for sure! Great tool for 'splanin' Lucy to the grandkids :)

  2. oh that's totally cute! Mod! good job you tease!

  3. what a great apron and i think i get the joke

  4. CUTE apron! I love it! Thanks for linking up with Finished It Up Friday!