Saturday, October 29, 2011

I'mmmmmmm ready!

Bring on the trick or treaters!!!

I found these cute printables by typing in ''free halloween treat tags".  
Sorry I didn't bookmark the page.  Big 'doy' on me.

I don't get that many people so I like to make nice little treats.
I've been known to hand out mardi gras beads (a VERY big hit) and black tooth brushes, black and orange friendship bracelets, big bags of microwave popcorn, full size rice krispie treats....I just love it!!! And as usual, the safe-t-pops for the little ones. Sometimes, I even have special treats for really awesome costumes or I just give them double. I actually had an Elvis that sang with a guitar one year....awesome sauce!!

Happy haunting!!


  1. Wish I lived in your neighborhood. Your Halloween goodies look fabulous! By the way, thanks for my tissue holder!

  2. Wow! You really go all out! It makes me smile to think that you always try to pretend that you're not the big ol sweetie that you really are!

  3. Black toothbrushes!! That is a GREAT idea!! :o) Love it! Blog surfing the FNSI page. Now a follower. :o)