Monday, October 24, 2011

Tree Trimming from h-e double hockey sticks

It took these guys three days. They left a mess and broke one of our retaining walls. Oy.
Now we deal with the aftermath. The hubs will be making a phonecall tomorrow and getting that retaining wall fixed...seriously, it wasn't even where the tree should've come down!
We've had several large trees removes over the right next to the house, but these guys we just awful. P G and E  and their contractor Davey Tree will be getting and ear full....let me tell you!
On the up side, NO MORE PINE NEEDLES!!!!!!! Still....bye bye trees.

 The before pics:
These pictures don't do it justice. The tree was about 60 feet tall and almost as wide. My neighbors will now have no shade in their backyard. she told me yesterday that she couldn't figure out why her room was so bright the night tree blocking the moon. LOL

The during

The aftermath
See my poor tilting retaining wall? Totally dislodged can just pick that whole thing up. Idiots!

 They also left the wood much larger than the contract states. Guess this means I have to deal with them again. If I was home today, I could've prevented some of this, or not, but I could've tried.

my nekkid yard
From forest to not in 20 hours. It should've only been about 8.
Now, what do we do with all that sunshine we will now have and all that open space?
Any gardeners out there got any ideas????

Okay, whine fest over.....I have all winter to plan something awesome!!!


  1. with all that sunshine - I see a nice terraced garden with the line at the fence some sort of blooming vine like wysteria as the back drop or grapes much so much hard to decide

  2. Okay Amy, come down and design my yard!!!

  3. Sounds like a big mess and a total pain! On a plus note you have sunshine. They are predicting snow flurries for us later this week!

  4. I agree with CrazyAmy, a terraced garden would look great, maybe a landing with a nice little table and chairs...sorry about the mess, what lousy contractors..what a mess..definitely get them to fix what they ruined..