Saturday, December 10, 2016

Day 10...a little more Christmas

Just getting my post in under the wire.  The 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge  is just that, a big ol' challenge. I am going to stick with matter how short the post. LOL

Today, I've done a little more Christmas decorating. I had to clean and put up a whole lot just so the decor could be completely seasonal. I really needed to have no idea.

This area was a complete disaster
Now, it's neat, tidy, lit and christmassy.

The mini tree with its mini ornaments

Added some mini LED lights and my cross-stitched Trek ornaments (made by my friend Karen.) She says she isn't a trekkie, but I think she's in denial, just sayin.

It's been a long time since I decorated more than just one lonely little tree. It seemed like our remodel would never end and that I would be living with the plywood sub-floor for ev er. 
It ended just after Christmas last year and it started just before the Christmas before that. Yep, a camp stove Christmas was some fun.

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