Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Day Seven..teeny tiny.....

and heart breaking

A church friend recently lost a grandbaby that was born way too early. I can't even imagine.
As you can well imagine, the little angel was quite tiny and there isn't anything out there for such an itsy bitsy to wear. I just couldn't let that baby girl be naked...nope, not on this gram gram's watch.

I hunted pinterest for any preemie patterns. Not a lot. I found dolly diapers and some average measurements for a preemie baby. It was probably still a bit big.

Yes, I was kind've a sad sap while I sewed.

This is flannel lined in pink with white eyelet. 

I made 2 sizes and a toy. A baby needs a stuffie....period.
I used a peep and shrank it 25%

The whole ensemble 

The backs

All packaged and ready for the family.

As hard as it was emotionally, I think I am going to make a few for the local children's hospital. Parents shouldn't have to worry about a thing like this in the midst of all that goes on when, ya know... Wow, I can't even really write it. A few blue, a few pink and a few micro buntings for those that are too small and delicate to even dress. A small way I can use my passion and my skills to help my fellow man.

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