Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Day 21.......planning the home stretch

     Well, I haven't managed to do all the days in the challenge. I was busy and didn't really have anything worth writing about.  I started out full bore, then ran out of steam. That's okay, at least my blog isn't lonely this month. LOL

     I have a habit. It's a good habit. It's a good habit gone bad. You see, I like to plan. I love planners and markers and pens and paperclips....stationary makes me happy. Really happy. Shopping for stationary also makes me happy. Yes, I am a plannerd. 

     The bad part....I plan and plan and plan until there is no time to 'do'. Does that happen to anyone else? Am I the only over-planner?

     I am trying to be more of a do-er before it's gets to the too-late-freak-out-and-get-er-done stage. Sigh, I have a ways to go. Gosh darn, planning is so fun!

And you can't have a good planning session without a nice cup of a new holiday mug..... from starbucks.

Off to check off a few more items from my to-do list, update my to-dos for tomorrow and try to be more of a do-er and not a plan-ner.

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