Friday, December 10, 2010

Applying a cuff to a stocking; A tutorial

Attaching a cuff to a stocking isn't hard.
When you read directions for it, it sounds so very confusing. I hope this little pictorial will make your next stocking easy and clean so you, the maker, can stop hyper focusing on what you consider a flawed application that is making you crazy. LOL
Ask me how I know! ;-)

First, measure the width of you stocking from seam to seam. Not edge to edge.
**If using a pattern, you can skip the measuring portion....lucky you!

When you have the measurement you'll use this little formula: width x 2 + 2 x seam allowance
In this case: 5 1/2 x 2 = 11
                   1/4 x 2 = 1/2
                    11+1/2= 11 1/2

Next, decide how far you want the cuff to hang over and use the formula with a few different numbers.
In this case, I want a three inch drop.
3 x 2 = 6
seam allowance, for me, is a "1/4
1/4 x 2 = 1/2
There is some cuff that stays on the inside after you fold, that's about an inch for this fabric,
(yours could be different.) 
2 x 1 = 2 
6 + 1/2 + 2 = 8  1/2"

**Be very careful if you are using a fabric that has to lay a certain way. You don't want your image upside down or sideways when you turn the fit and take a look at it if your fabric has a very directional motif.......ask me how I know this one too! So yes, I totally avoid anything that might give me a headache, lame, but true! :-)  LOL**

 Now, to create a centered back seam, fold in half by folding the cuff side to side. It should have the seams that will be inside the stocking on the top and bottom of the cuff piece.

 After sewing, fold in half, pretty side showing
Check you motif direction, it's easier to fix at this point. Match you center seam line.
 Pin and baste the edges together to make your cuff.
Pin your tab to the stocking
Yes, you can add it later, but this is sooooo easy and sooooooo clean, why would you want to? ;-)

Pin the right side of the cuff (the side you want to show when the stocking is ready to hang) to the wrong (inside) side of the stocking. Make sure your center back seam is, well, centered in the back.
 Sew the cuff onto the stocking. You could use a serger, a sewing machine, hand stitching....what ever works for you. You may also finish the edge by serging, zigagging over the edge or using pinking shears. This seam will not see a lot of action so I left mine plain. Bad me! LOL

Unfold and look.....the tab is tucked all nice and pretty, no raw edges are showing. If you have a directional pattern, it will be upside down right now. Don't worry, that's the way it supposed to be!

Turn your stocking right side out.
You should see the raw edge and the underside of the cuff. If your fabric is directional, the pattern will be upside-down ......again, normal!!

Fold your cuff into place. See, I told you it would work out!!

See how nice and clean the inside edge is!!

Hope this wasn't too confusing.

Happy cuffing!!