Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gingerbread Sensei

 My version of the infamous half eaten gingerbread ornament from
I made them for the Sensei and the others that teach my son karate. And one regular too.

the layout phase

the finished product

These little cookies aren't the easy, schmeasy, quickie gift I thought. LOL I'll need a zipper foot next time for sure. Or hand sew them all. Are they hard, nope. But tiny things take a little extra care. Now I know why I make corsets and not crafts. LOL



  1. but they're SO. DANG. CUTE!
    you should craft more :)

  2. I agree....there is a crafting goddess in there just screaming to get out! Who knows....maybe even a scrapbooker.....mwha ha ha! Totally cute little guys by the way...:)

  3. scrapbooking? That's just mean!!

    They are kinda growing on me! LOL
    I may make a couple more, but regular or with little aprons.