Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mug rug??? Huh?

I've learned a new term:  mug rug. What is that? Well, it's part coaster, part mini quilt and all too cool. It's keeps your table top clean and safe and has room for a mug and a snack.
A friend of mine, Amy,  was in a mug rug swap and I just had to know what it was..After I learned,  I wanted one. I wanted one now. I dug up some old fabric and got busy. I got busy three times.
It's practically instant gratification for a quilter. In less than an hour ( for an uber simple one) you have a finished mini quilt. I am liking this!!!
Make yourself a mug rug today! Heck, make one for a friend!! Or two or three.........

mug rugs in process

mug rug in action


  1. Just too cute.....I want one! Love that fabric too :) Did I mention that I want one?

  2. Did I mention that in your swap envelope there is one??? but only you and Amy got one, Oh yeah, and me!!

  3. i love these! i've made some for Xmas gifts and have a few more cut out to finish :)

  4. Ratty, why didn't you tell me about these sooner?