Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year, New Projects, New Goals

According to the calendar, this year is coming to a close. According to those of us with school aged children at home, the New Year begins when school begins. I feel both dates myself because I have both kinds of calendars.

 I have one that begins in August...This one is ''thee'' main calendar. If it ain't here, it ain't happenin!

 And on my desk is a Franklin Covey, Very Red leather planner. This is my daily deets, goals and project time-lines and anything else I can shove into it. I even bought a wire-bound planner, to down size and try something new, entered two dates in it, hated it and promptly bought new pages and used the binder again. Anybody need a 2011 wirebound planner with two dates written in it????

I keep looking for the perfect planner page, I've even designed my own, but I haven't quite found a style that suits my ever changing needs and personality.  I am trying a new design this year. It has a small area for appointments, but room if I happen to have a really full schedule. Unnamed blocks where I can keep track of projects, goals, deadlines, phone calls, to-dos.......this may be the closest page style yet!

I tried the Palm thing....love it and hate it all at the same time. As much of a geek as I am, I still prefer paper for some things............you just never know when the battery is gonna give out and you are stuck at a pay phone in the middle of nowhere and they only thing going through your head is; "but his work number is memory 1!!!" Been there, done that, do NOT want another t-shirt! I've went back a step in time, and memorized a few phone numbers...LOL  Apparently I am also curtailing Alzheimer's in the process....who knew?

How do you track the passing of time?

I have two calendars, a blog and teenagers.....nuff said!  ;-)

Happy New Year!!!
May God bless you beyond your wildest dreams!


  1. Every year for Christmas my hubby gives me a Suzy's Zoo calendar for my kitchen. He also gives me the Suzy's Zoo purse size calendar. I promptly write all the birthdays and anniversaries in both. Then I have my Franklin red leather classic size planner, my Franklin red leather compact size planner and as of last year my Franklin red polka dot wire bound planner. This year I have opted to use the classic size planner and have already added the new pages in anticipation of next week. I am using the Simplicity pages (2 pages per day) as well as the 2 page per month, tabs. Now if I can just remember to actually use it that will be a step in the right direction :)

  2. I prefer the weekly and I use mine all the time! I was looking through the pages as I recycled them and there was only three weeks where I didn't actually have anything written down. Now, I did have stuff to do, I don't write down pick up and drop off times unless they are off the norm and I don't write church and karate because they are so regular (unless it's an uber busy day and I NEED to remember things) I even make a pull out short term to-do list as a page marker. I do write them on the main calendar though....I use highlighters for regular things and just put a dot or swish on the day for karate, dance practice and junk like that.
    I do wish they gave Saturday and Sunday full sized areas......I do a lot on the weekends too!! Just sayin....
    FYI...read the covey tips.....one calendar...one place......all info...it really works when you do it. LOL

  3. Can I just say that I am loving the new background??? Soooo cool!

  4. It's a little frilly, but somehow still me. If that isn't a contradiction, I just don't know what is? If it was other than blue........

  5. you're an undercover mush-bucket.....you just haven't come to terms with it yet :)

  6. I am not!!!
    I am a mush bucket voyeur.